About Us – White Nile Charity Foundation (How We Began?)

White Nile Charity Foundation

White Nile Charity Foundation

White Nile Charity Foundation as an organization, started in March 2023 and was founded by Prossy Mirembe De Wildt. Prossy was born and raised in Jinja City in Buwekula – Budondo. After extending her life in different countries for tour activities, and work excursions in the rafting field. She discovered that every individual deserves the best life. She later settled down and thought of a charity home which could be a channel for empowering needy children, the elderly, street children, the disabled, and orphans.

Being a lady of God, she has transformed a number of people especially the youth by preaching to them on lifestyles and bible studies. Currently, Prossy Mirembe De Wildt has come up with a charity foundation which is not only for the needy, but for everyone especially the needy, orphans, street children, elderly, and homeless kids in Uganda especially the Busoga subregion.

At White Nile Charity Foundation, we pride ourselves on having a close working relationship with our beneficiaries, the Elderly, orphans, and homeless kids. And for our hands-on approach to our work.

Prossy Mirembe De Wildt

Brief About Prossy Mirembe De Wildt

Prossy Mirembe is the first ever Black/ Female Kayaker in Uganda and the entire world at large who operates White Nile Rafting Ltd, Buwenda, Jinja, Uganda.

She is the most decorated and first African female kayaker who stunned the kayaking world in 2004 with her outstanding paddling skills and astonishing energy that has won her local and international recognition.

Throughout her kayaking career, Prossy Mirembe has so far won 3 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 5 times freestyle female champions at the popular annual Nile Freestyle festival in Uganda.

White Nile Charity Foundation Objective

The major objective of the charity organization/ Foundation is to Empower the next generation through the provision of quality education and mentorship, providing essential needs to underprivileged children, widows, elderly people, teenage mothers, school dropouts and those at risk of dropping out of school. We aim to provide these services for the underprivileged children in the children’s homes (White Nile Charity Foundation) and around the community, providing food to the Elderly people, Vocational skilling to the widows, teenage mothers, school dropouts and providing counselling & providing sponsorships for those at risk of dropping out of school.

In the early period, the White Nile Charity Foundation carried out the following activities to support and achieve this objective:

  • Raising awareness in the community,
  • Elderly home visiting,
  • Renting a home for the orphans which accommodates 30 children 17 boys and 13 girls between the age of 2 years- 17 years currently and providing them with the basic needs of life.
  • Providing Quality Education to Underprivileged children in the Orphanage and around the community through sponsorships.
  • Vocational skilling of Widows, Teenage mothers, and school dropouts.
  • Helping disabled people, especially children.
  • monitoring families with children at risk,
  • resource mobilization

Vision Statement

Promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged, elderly, disabled street children, and vulnerable Children through empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach to Education, Spiritual growth, health, and social development.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is “Elevating Orphans, Needy, Street Children, Vulnerable and Disabled Children.

We are in a position to achieve this by providing the children with medical care, good feeding, Quality Education, Shelter, and clothing. counselling & guidance, vocational skilling and spiritual development.


  • To construct infrastructure that matches the growing needs of White Nile Charity Foundation as a reputable Children’s centre in Uganda.
  • To obtain resources to support the mission and realize a reasonable benefit for the key stakeholder.
  • To network with Agencies/NGOs working with orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children among others for mutual benefits and referral support.
  • To create awareness among children and communities in matters concerning children’s health issues like home hygiene, and water source maintenance, and training members in all preventive measures concerning health-related problems in schools and communities.